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Eight Critical Leadership Skills Created Through Effective Diversity Partnerships

While there’s no shortage of business leadership programs, they may not be the best places to build the skills you need to effectively lead in today’s complex workplaces. In this field guide you’ll learn how courageous leadership is best cultivated: by working with the diverse people around you. As you read and reflect on the thought-provoking questions and do the activities described, you’ll boost your ability to lead and improve your organization’s business results.

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By Michael Welp, Jo Ann Morris, and Bill Proudman
Price: $15.95 without shipping  |  Length: 79 pages

Diversity Partnership Tips For White Women and People of Color to Engage White Men

Open this book, open your mind and climb out of your box. This field guide tackles workplace diversity with startling candor and delivers refreshingly practical ways to engage individuals and groups. You’ll encounter provocative questions that stretch your thinking and lead to surprising new insights about the assumptions that drive your behavior. And you’ll learn how to create true and effective partnerships across difference.

By Jo Ann Morris, Bill Proudman, and Michael Welp,
Price: $15.95 without shipping  |  Length: 78 pages

Diversity Partnership Tips For White Men

At last, a book that puts the invisible partners of diversity —white men—in the spotlight. This field guide helps bring white men off the sidelines and fully join their organizations’ diversity efforts. Because, contrary to popular belief, their engagement is critical to the success of any serious diversity initiative. Only when white men form vital partnerships with other white men, white women, and people of color can organizations move from the obligatory diversity program to a genuinely new, inclusive culture.

By Bill Proudman, Michael Welp, and Jo Ann Morris
Price: $15.95 without shipping  |  Length: 90 pages