Engaging Leaders

Inclusion Summits

Summits are designed for large groups of up to 60 participants. These two-day sessions help leaders take away fresh insights and the skills to create a culture of full inclusion where everyone feels valued, respected and engaged. Rather than training tactics and strategies, Summits help leaders examine their mindsets; understand how to lead effectively on diversity initiatives; and better articulate and plan their organization’s inclusion journey and moving forward.

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Learning to Lead Inclusively

This leadership development process includes a skill-development learning session, a follow-up accountability session, and individual and group coaching. Based on an assessment process, participants take a deep dive into the inclusion skills and behaviors they need to be a more effective leader and to take advantage of the untapped talent in their work teams. In addition, they gain proficiency and confidence to intervene when inclusion issues or difficult conversations arise.

Presentations & Awareness Sessions

Typically 3-4 hours in length, audiences large and small respond with enthusiasm to our engaging and interactive sessions that demonstrate everyone’s personal stake in diversity. These sessions build awareness, introduce the topic of engaging white men, and help attendees frame conversations of diversity in new ways. So they come away with curiosity and the ability to speak to what are often “undiscussable” conversations in the workplace. Presentations are often used to begin the diversity conversation with senior executives and leadership teams.

Coaching & Real-Time Support

Leadership Coaching

Short– or long –term, individual or group, the “what next” challenge is supported with Leadership Coaching. Whether as an extension of a transformative learning experience or standalone coaching of executives or workplace teams, WMFDP coaching helps organizations sustain the pace of their diversity journey. Our coaching programs help leaders draw on their own courage and head-to-heart connections to lead effectively through complexity and turbulence.

Learning Lab Follow-Up

Follow-up sessions are customized and range from one-half day to two days in length, and generally happen 1-2 months after a Learning Lab. The sessions bring together Lab attendees to leverage their learning and skill building in support of inclusion efforts within the organization. During the sessions, participants practice leadership and partnership skills and behaviors, and explore what challenges and supports their ongoing progress. They also develop sustainable change strategies based on an aligned set of guiding principles and key outcomes they co-create.