A Strategic Roadmap for an Ongoing Diversity & Inclusion Journey

Our diversity and inclusion programs guide leaders to examine their assumptions and unconscious bias by heightening awareness about the often invisible dimensions of difference. Leaders gain deeper awareness and heightened cultural competence necessary to sustain transformative behavior in the workplace.


Our White Men’s Caucus and White Men & Allies Labs are rigorous and transformative experiences. Leaders engage across workplace differences—ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation or other difference—to develop partnership skills that deepen dialogue and impact the workplace. Read More

What’s in a name?

For us everything.

Perhaps, most important: OUR MISSION. Our name speaks to who we are, and what we do. Our work and commitment is to inspire leaders to take courageous action to create and sustain inclusive workplace culture. Over the past 20 years, our transformative programs have helped Fortune 500 company leaders achieve lasting change in their workplaces.

Our Mission Is In Our Name

Experiential Learning

The WMFDP WAY | Pathways To Full Inclusion

A proven diversity & inclusion strategy and road map

About White Men As Full Diversity Partners


White Men As Full Diversity Partners are leading diversity consultants that occupy a unique niche in diversity and inclusion work. As documented by third-party research, our experiential learning programs inspire leaders to make lasting changes in the workplace. Our clients see positive impact from our Learning Labs, Summits, and coaching because we:

  • Build leadership skills by engaging the head and the heart

  • Create and deepen awareness with experiential learning

  • Develop powerful partnerships that drive lasting change in the workplace

Outcomes that fully engage inspired leaders:

  1. New skills to participate in difficult conversations

  2. Discovery of white men’s self-interest for doing diversity work

  3. New awareness white male privilege and workplace inequity

  4. Critical thinking about the experience of others and a reduction in habitual bias

  5. Shared commitment and partnership





jeanine-primeIt’s a fact: we can’t promote inclusion while excluding white men. WMFDP understands this all too well.  With decades of experience, few are as skilled as Bill Proudman and Michael Welp at empowering white men to be full partners in the creation of inclusive work climates. Catalyst is proud to call them our partners in helping companies fully realize the goal of inclusion.
Catalyst Research Center for Advancing Leader Effectiveness
Jeanine Prime, PhD VP & Center Leader

ted-crandallIt’s never easy to give up the better part of a work week, but the Learning Lab is well worth it. More than any other training or discussions I have previously participated in, I left this event with a deeper personal understanding of diversity and inclusion issues on both an intellectual and emotional level. More importantly, I left with an improved understanding of how I can be a better leader in a diverse environment. I recommend this for all senior leaders. If you choose to attend, bring an open mind and a willingness to fully participate.

Rockwell Automation
Ted Crandall, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
kellogg2 White Men as Full Diversity Partners was a powerful experience! Since my participation, I’ve had many moments of conscious reflection about the need to hold paradoxes in our walk thru life. This concept helps me stay open to positive outcomes in cross-racial relations. Another concept at the forefront for me is the powerful use of language, like “white male culture” and how it impacts racism, sexism, and all other –isms. There is much to do in diversity work and WMFDP creates a safe space to explore these concepts and take leadership to make necessary changes. I enjoyed working with others from different organizations, and getting to know my colleague in richer, deeper ways.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Nadia Brigham, Program Officer
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